Who We Are

Joyce Pisarello and Danielle Mazzeo met while working in the Manhattan political scene where they learned they didn’t like shaping public policy as much as shaping dough. After many conversations about how to best combine their love of ice cream sandwiches with their hopes for world improvement, Two Moon was born.





Before Two Moon, Joyce served as a Peace Corps volunteer and studied international affairs at Columbia University. Her interests include socially responsible business models and brownies. She has eaten her way through Kyrgyzstan, India, Morocco, Iran and Europe, all on her way to the wonderful world of Park Slope. Her travels did not lead to self-enlightenment, but she has learned to say “delicious” and “yes please” to a second helping in more than 7 languages.





Prior to her life at Two Moon, Danielle earned a degree in Anthropology and Religious Studies (magna cum laude, holla) at Brown University. After teaching 3rd grade, working for Planned Parenthood, Women’s World Banking, the SPCA, and a progressive think tank, she decided to make the world a better place through wholesome snacks and art. While her interests also include socially responsible business models, she’d prefer a cookie over a brownie any day.