From “New Work” by Aubrey Nolan


From “Mermaids of North America” by Seth Harris


From “Pieces of Mind” by Rachel Eppard


From “Chapters” by Claire Berjot


From “Small Worlds” group show curated by OIA

From “Familiar, Unfamiliar” by Mike Moreira

From “Birth, Death, Repeat…” by Gail Ghezzi

From “Consumed Again” by Natalie Graetzel


From “Chester Davis Judkins Jr.” by Jennifer Judkins


From the South Slope Auction:


From Edwin Torres’s Exhibition “Gotti: From “El Rey” to Fatherhood”


From Sigal Ben-David’s Exhibition “Undetermined Landscape”


From Natalie Tse’s Exhibition


From “I Drew the Sky” (an exhibition by 2-4 year olds)


From Rae Maxwell’s Exhibition


From James Graham’s Exhibition “Yesterdayland”


From Nanette Villanueva’s Exhibition “Defragmentation”

From Bev Grant’s Photo Exhibit for Women’s History Month

From ORNG INK’s Fundraiser

From Daniel Mease’s Photography Show

From “Bodyblog: A Body For Show”

From Sarah Valeri

From “ONE SUN”

From Brooklyn Food Coalition’s Print Sale Fundraiser

From Ben Pawlowski’s “Right Way Problems”

From Dan South’s “Summer in New York”

From Deb Berman’s “Thus Far”:

From Sandhya Reju Boyd’s Work:

From Elizabeth Marra’s “A Misfit in Greenwood Cemetery”:

From Samantha Chalfin’s “Busua Beach Memoirs”:

From Laura Lohar’s “Adulation” show:

From Cat Glennon’s show:






From “Size Matters”:


From Nina Alexander’s “CRITTERS”:


From Laura Mazzeo’s “3 Stories”:

From Sa’dia Rehman’s “Seeds of Discord”:

From our 10/14/11 show, “Have Your Void And Eat It Too”: