RIBO Level 1 Textbook PDF

For students wishing to become licensed general insurance brokers in Ontario and those upgrading from an OTL license. ILScorp’s streaming-video RIBO exam preparation course provides the skills and knowledge to successfully challenge the RIBO Level 1 License Examination.

Understanding the RIBO License Cost: Budgeting for Your Insurance Broker Career

The Ribo level 1 textbook pdf  the basic broker skill requirements as established by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). Frequent term quizzes are given throughout the course to assess student progress. It is a demanding course that requires a significant commitment of time to reading and studying outside of classroom lectures. It is important that the student come to class prepared for lecture with all material carefully read and notes taken.

The RIBO level 1 licensing exam is composed of ninety (90) multiple choice questions and one (1) short answer case study. A pass mark of 75% is required to be considered successful. The material fee for the course covers the cost of the textbook.

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