Rare Rebel Cotton Flag With Appliqued Stars

A rare and exceptional Rebel cotton flag with embroidered stars, this home-spun battle banner is an excellent choice for historical reenactment, parades, and honor guard ceremonies. The cotton is heavy and luxurious, providing a premium feel that is perfect for tea staining or framing. It is best used indoors, and is not recommended for long term outdoor use due to the risk of fade and deterioration from prolonged exposure to the elements.Learn more:https://ultimateflags.com/products/rebel-cotton-flag-with-appliqued-stars-3-x-5-ft-antiqued/

This example is dated to the early Civil War period, and its star count suggests that it may commemorate Missouri’s acceptance into the Confederacy (although this theory is not supported by several other factors). The flag also features single-appliqued stars. This type of star application was less common than the more common double-appliqued stars, and is considered to be more desirable by collectors.

Rebel Roots: The History of the Confederate Flag with Appliqued Stars

Another feature that distinguishes this flag is the gussets, square reinforcements sewn into the corners of the flag to strengthen them in areas of stress. This was a typical practice on homespun cotton battle flags, but is unusual for official and ceremonial ones.

This particular flag is a variant of the standard “Stars and Bars” design that was most often used by infantry and artillery units, but could be found in the possession of cavalry troops as well. It has a unique star configuration in the blue canton, with a notched star pattern and two “outlier” stars in the corners. This unusual arrangement is a result of the flag’s having been dyed with clamp dying, which is a process in which the fabric was held tightly in place while the dye was applied to it.…

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