Benefits of a Fast Action Door

Fast action door are high-speed roller shutters that are designed to open and close at a higher operating speed than traditional doors. They offer a range of benefits to businesses including increased productivity and efficiency.

They also reduce energy loss and prevent infiltration of dust, insects, and contaminants, helping to save money on heating and cooling costs and ensuring that the environment is kept as clean as possible. In addition, the doors can be customised with various activation methods and sensors that further streamline operations.

For example, with a breakaway bottom bar system, the side tabs will automatically break and reset in the event of an impact. This is a great feature for large garden centres where the door is exposed to frequent impacts from vehicles, forklifts and pedestrian traffic. This design also helps to reduce noise and odour pollution.

Unlocking Efficiency with a Fast Action Door

The fast operation of these doors means that it is easier for equipment and staff to move throughout the building, reducing delays caused by waiting for doors to rise. This can be particularly beneficial for the manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical industries where hygienic working conditions are paramount.

Additionally, the rapid opening and closing of these doors can help to minimise heat loss, helping to cut utility bills and improve energy efficiency. These doors are also ideal for mitigating heat transfer in warehouses, distribution centres and cold rooms. They can be fitted with thermal break options to further improve the insulating properties of the door.

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