How Much Does Advanced Seal Spray Foam Insulation Cost?


Spray foam is a high-performance insulation that can improve the overall comfort of a home or commercial building while drastically cutting energy costs. It works by sealing nooks and crannies that tend to let air escape, putting unnecessary stress on heating and cooling systems and wasting money on expensive electricity bills. The best way to determine the cost of spray foam insulation is to schedule a consultation with an experienced contractor. Find out:

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During this consultation, the contractor will measure your space and provide an estimate. This cost is determined by the total square footage of your home or commercial building, as well as whether you opt for open- or closed-cell foam. Open-cell spray insulation is softer and more flexible due to the fact that its cells are deliberately left unencapsulated, making it easier to fill voids, gaps, and cracks. Closed-cell spray foam, on the other hand, offers more rigidity, with a higher R-value of up to 3.6 per inch.

Both types of spray foam offer excellent energy efficiency. The closed-cell foam provides a powerful barrier that keeps conditioned air trapped in your home during cold North Carolina winters and hot North Carolina summers. This results in less stress on your HVAC system, lowering energy consumption and resulting in lower utility bills over time.

Additionally, spray foam reduces moisture penetration, which helps to prevent mildew and mold in your home or business. This can save you thousands of dollars in costly mold remediation and damage repair work over the years. It is also low in volatile organic compounds, which means that it is better for the environment and your health.

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How Spray Foam Insulation Works


spray foam insulation is a liquid that rapidly expands in place, filling the cracks and crevices between walls and other surfaces. It can be sprayed into new construction or a home’s attic and is often used in conjunction with other insulation materials such as fiberglass batts. It’s typically installed by a licensed professional, since it requires working with hazardous chemicals that must be handled properly.

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The first step in the process is to blend the chemical components that will create the spray polyurethane insulation. This is done using a machine called the Blendometer. After the liquid chemicals are blended, they pass through a spray gun and become “atomized” (the chemical molecules are reduced to very small particles). Once they enter a space, they will react with each other to form the spray foam insulation. The chemical reaction that occurs is an exothermic process, which generates heat as a byproduct. The end result is a solid, closed-cell insulation that provides superior energy efficiency and structural strength.

There are two types of spray foam insulation: open and closed cell. Open-cell spray foam is softer and more flexible because it’s cells are left intentionally open rather than completely encapsulated. It’s commonly used during the rough-in stage of construction to seal voids around plumbing and electrical wiring. It’s also a great choice for retrofit applications such as insulating walls, re-insulating basements and attics, or converting garages into living spaces.

Many states, including Vermont, offer rebates for green weatherization measures, such as installing spray foam. These rebates can help offset the cost of the installation and reduce homeowners’ energy bills.

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