How to Get a Job Through a Temporary Workers Agency

A temporary workers agency matches employers looking for short-term labor with workers looking for jobs in a variety of fields. They can be useful for companies needing to replace an employee going on leave or to help out during seasonal surges (like at a department store during the holidays). They also provide an opportunity for workers who don’t want to commit to a full-time job to gain work experience and earn income. Read more

The process for applying to work for a temp agency is generally similar to that of applying directly to a company. Applicants meet with a recruiter or staff member to discuss their strengths, employment history and interests in particular jobs. They may also need to go through a screening process like a background check.

Staffing firms are responsible for providing site- and task-specific safety and health training to all temps before they begin their assignments, and they must train workers on how to report injuries, illnesses or close calls to the host employer. Host employers are expected to promptly inform the staffing firm of any serious injury, illness or death of a temp worker and must report fatalities to OSHA within eight hours.

Temporary vs. Permanent Employment: The Pros and Cons

In recent decades, temporary employment has gone beyond filling in for sick full-timers and vacationing employees to become embedded in virtually every industry and occupation. Temps form large, vital portions of the workforce at recycling centers and giant warehouses used by big box stores, perform janitorial duties and hospitality services, build products and make deliveries in manufacturing and food processing, produce cars and components in auto assembly plants, supply highly skilled computer work for tech firms, and staff law firms, hospitals and academic institutions.

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